Jennifer Aniston has revealed the lipstick Rachel Green wore in Friends

And here’s where to buy it...

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And here’s where to buy it...

Friends may have left our screens over 12 years ago but us millennials still want to be Rachel Green more than anything.

During the series, we all tried desperately to look like Jennifer Aniston, whether it involved wearing her 90s wardrobe, going for a neutral make up palette or following her varied hair trends, mimicking her look over the 10 seasons.

Too many of us opted for ‘The Rachel’ bob, before realising that it’s actually quite a hard look to pull off. We’ve all felt that hair regret.

While 12 years may have passed since Friends graced our screens, Jennifer Aniston just reignited our teenage dreams, revealing how to actually get Rachel Green’s look.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the 48-year-old actress revealed the lipstick brand and shade she used to perfect her trademark Rachel Green look over the series.

The answer? Paramount by MAC.

‘They’re always sort of regurgitating trends,’ she explained in the interview, offering, ‘How about MAC’s Paramount lipstick? It was a browny brick. I remember that was my go-to colour when I was doing Friends.’

So not only do we now know Rachel Green’s beauty secrets, we can also actually get our hands on it, with Paramount by MAC still sold across the world.

While discussing the revival of 90s looks, Jennifer Aniston also spoke about the 90s trend that she hopes won’t return – tiny sunglasses.

‘I just think they’re ridiculous,’ she explained. ‘I’m not a fan of those little tiny spectacles. I’m a fan of classic sunglasses. That was very '90s, wasn’t it? When you would see those little tiny frames, those were brought back from the John Lennon days.’

We’ll just stick to the lipstick then.

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