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Emma Watson opened up about crying for the most heart-warming reason

And we’re getting emotional just thinking about it.

Words by Ally Horne

Emma Watson has admitted to crying when she met the actress who played Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Yes, really.

As if we didn’t have enough intense emotions about Harry Potter, we now have to deal with the fact that Emma Watson met Noma Dumezweni, aka adult Hermione from The Cursed Child, and burst into tears.

We’re very sympathetic to extreme emotions when it comes to Harry Potter, and Emma’s reason for getting tearful after seeing The Cursed Child makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider she grew up alongside Hermione, and this play reveals Hermione’s future.

It seems obvious that Emma would lose it when she learns how she/Hermione turned out. We’re emotional just thinking about it, to be honest.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma Watson said:

‘It was so strange. It was so emotional seeing Noma’s performance in a way that I had not anticipated at all. I went to the play…and she walked in the room and I just spontaneously burst into tears.’

She continued to explain why she thought her emotional reaction was so powerful, and it was the same reason a lot of fans reacted strongly to the play, although we imagine Emma’s experience must’ve been a bit more intense than most.

‘I had played that character so intensely up until that point, that to know that Hermione was going to be okay — I know it sounds crazy — but to know that everything turned out all right and everything in the world was okay, that there was someone else carrying her on and carrying her forward…it was just such a relief.’

We knew that Emma saw the show over the summer, but she never opened up about it till now.

It wasn’t just Emma Watson who felt emotional about the meeting, though.

So, when’s the next meeting of the Hermiones and HOW do we snag an invite?

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