This model has just revealed the secret to getting Instagram likes

From the best Instagram filters to the best camera angles...

Chantel Jeffries

From the best Instagram filters to the best camera angles...

You may not have heard of Chantel Jeffries, but a quick glance at Instagram will prove that you should have. The 23-year-old DJ is a social media celebrity, boasting 2.7 million Instagram followers.

In a recent interview with People, Chantel revealed her Instagram secrets: how she takes the best shots and of course how she rakes in all the likes. Naturally, we were quick to take note.

Her trick for getting hundreds of thousands of likes per photo is a lot more simple than we'd expect - there are no Instagram pods or 'like for like' systems in place. Instead she suggested posting 'something that has a really cool background'. She continued: 'People like the aesthetic of seeing a cool view along with a cool photo.'

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When it came to selfies, she also gave advice on camera angles. 'For me personally it's a little bit lower', she explained. 'It makes me look taller and a little skinnier, so whoever’s taking the picture has to squat down.'

The Instagram pro even had make up advice for taking the best photos, recommending the matte look. 'If you use a more luminous foundation in photos, you can look more greasy, and certain points of you face can look higher - so you want to go more matte', she explained. 'I’ve been wearing just powder and not foundation, cause it looks better from more angles and you can add your highlight where you want it to shine.'

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In terms of the best times of the day to take (and post) an Instagram snap, Chantel recommends 'either morning or afternoon'.

'During the day, the sun is overhead and there’s a lot of shadow. But if you take photos in the morning, you can get a good light. And it’s definitely better to post photos in the morning.'

'My favorite editing app is VSCO Cam', she explained. 'I use that to add grain to my pictures and they have really cool filters. But I also just like editing the color and stuff on Instagram.'

Judging by the amount of likes she gets per snap, we will definitely be following these tips religiously.

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