Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going back into business with each other

And everyone's confused...

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And everyone's confused...

Despite filing for divorce 46 months ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s separation has been a messy one, with their custody battle going to court.

Aside from Angelina originally filing for primary physical custody of their six children back in 2016, little is known about the now resolved court disputes. But it is reported that while Angelina Jolie currently looks after the children, Brad will eventually get 50-50 joint custody.

But it wasn’t the custody of their children or the speculation around a Brad Pitt Charlize Theron relationship that confused the world this week. Instead, it was the couple returning to business together.

Yes, really.

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During their 10-year-relationship, Brad and Angelina launched a wine business together, producing renowned Rosé from their French Chateau Miraval vineyard.

It’s understandable therefore, that when the couple’s separation was announced, people were quick to mourn the Miraval wine brand, assuming it would be sold on.

The former couple however made a statement this week, proving their commitment to the French vineyard, launching a new Rosé wine.

Sure, just weeks after their vicious custody battle, Brad and Angelina are making wine together, reportedly under the new name, Studio by Miraval.

What does it all mean??

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