Angelina Jolie has now officially dropped Brad Pitt’s name

Here's what we know...

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Here's what we know...

Despite filing for divorce three years ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s separation has been a messy one, with the couple finally announced to be single this week after choosing to ‘bifurcate’ their marriage.

The move allows both parties to have a ‘single’ status while continuing with divorce proceedings, rather than remain to be legally bound as they have been these past three years.

But it seems that even ‘bifurcating’ their marriage has turned messy, with a brief filed by Brad Pitt’s lawyer reporting that Angelina asked Brad to wait a week after he put forward the idea of bifurcating. She then apparently filed to bifurcate herself, according to Brad’s lawyer ‘to create the impression that she, not [Brad], wanted to bifurcate.’

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It has been reported that the reason behind the bifurcation is simply to ‘emotionally move on’, something that was confirmed this week as Angelina Jolie took another step to end their marriage, dropping Brad Pitt’s last name and returning to ‘Jolie’.

While Angelina Jolie currently looks after the children, Brad will eventually get 50-50 joint custody and it is thought that their six children will keep their hyphenated last names.

Well, that has been a long time coming.

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