One To Watch: Jetta

Having previously provided backing vocals for Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith, Jetta is breaking through as one of the most exciting artists in 2013.


Having previously provided backing vocals for Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith, Jetta is breaking through as one of the most exciting artists in 2013.

She only signed a record deal in December 2012 and now Jetta has teased us with 'Start A Riot', a taster track of what her eagerly anticipated album will have to offer.

NME has described her music as a hybrid of The XX and Florence Welch, all embedded within a chorus of heavy rock guitar.

We caught up with this rising star to find out what the Liverpudlian singer is all about.

Your music is a unique blend of sounds, who do you draw inspiration from?

'The whole acapella thing (Jetta was a member of an acapella choir in Liverpool) meant that I really focused on vocal harmonies. With my dad being a sound engineer, I focussed on the musical side separately. My mum's been a massive inspiration to me. She’s a really empowering woman with a really good message for young people and I’ve taken that with me.

'I also love Annie Lennox. At the time she was the first woman to do the whole androgynous thing. She was a little bit more left of centre and brought it to the middle. I’m inspired by that whole mentality.'

What’s the story behind Start A Riot?

'It’s about embracing the things that have the potential to slow you down, which can make you forget where you’re headed. Instead, running with it and not from it.'

You play the piano and violin but you only had a few lessons, why?

'It works for some people to go all the way through, but I realized that I knew enough from the lessons I’d had, and I wanted it to almost be unknown to me. I wanted to learn from what I could hear after that.'

Have you ever had a mentor?

'As part of a project I was involved in, I acted as a mentor at The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, which is a university co-founded by Paul McCartney. It was great because although I was being called a mentor, I was learning so much from studying the whole area of how to mentor young people. I think the best way to connect is to be on the same page as the people you're talking to.'

Your career has snowballed since arriving in London. Would your current success have been possible if you'd stayed in Liverpool?

'No, I think sometimes you need to branch out. Obviously never forget where you’re from. I’m really proud to be from Liverpool. But it’s like with any job, sometimes you need to go to the next level. I love London, and for what I’m doing I’m a lot closer to everything and where I need to be. For meetings and all the basics. It’s much easier than commuting. Experiencing new things and new places means you gain more inspiration and ideas from doing that. I want to travel everywhere, and I’m lucky that I will be able to do so with my music.'

When can we expect your debut album?

'I’m in the studio this and next month with the amazing Jim Elliot who I wrote Start A Riot with, (Jim also worked on Ellie Goulding's Halcyon album), and Kanye Ernie. I’m really looking forward to it. We’re out in the countryside which is a nice change from being in the city. It makes me feel really inspired, it's just so peaceful. I’m releasing an EP of three songs on my own label Riot Raw Records, so keep a look out for that.'

Which hot artists are grabbing your attention right now?

'Tom Odell - Another Love, Dan Croll - From Nowhere and MSMR.

And finally, can you leave us with some inspirational words of wisdom?

'Be you, be unique.'

Picture credit: Doug Hall @ LD Digital

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