Meet the female-led radio station disrupting the airwaves

Turn it up.

Turn it up.

The radio industry has been put under a microscope in the last year. From Vick Hope revealing that male presenters are free to literally take away their female co-host’s voices, and the controversy at Radar Radio, to Tina Daheley’s reflection on the ‘laddy’ culture that was pervasive during her time on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, the medium has been exposed for the hotbed of toxic masculinity that it often is.

Let's hear it then, for Becky Richardson, Ami Bennett and Frankie Wells, who have decided to shake up this status quo and create, the female-led radio station launching on Monday 5th November.


The women behind - Frankie Wells, Ami Bennett and Becky Richardson
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With experience at 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network and UROK Management, these three trailblazing women have combined their unique skill sets and set about nurturing new talent and showcasing the hottest names on the underground scene. The one big difference to most radio stations? is a station led by women and LGTBQI+ persons.

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On top of this, Richardson, Bennett and Wells haven’t just considered who will benefit from the station’s establishment, but also, how. Boiler Room and BBC Radio 1Xtra producer Kamilla will be heading up the Brunch show, which will replace the traditional concept of a breakfast show and start at 10am. That means no more missing out on celebrity guests for those of us who don't work a traditional 9-5.

As for presenters, with their roster including members of Future Girl Corp, DJ duo Sicaria Sound and the women behind The Receipts podcast, has an ever-growing lineup that is not to be missed.

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A female-led, diverse safe space, promoting the newest and best underground talent? Come November 5th, we’re switching on and tuning in. is live every day online from 10am-10pm from Monday November 5th

Victoria Fell