Lily Collins talks about her new movie Rules Don't Apply

Those eyebrows though

Those eyebrows though

Guildford-born actress Lily Collins may have an American accent but she's a total British girl at heart. The 28-year-old is the daughter of Disney soundtrack favourite Phil Collins and Los Angeles native Jill Tavelman - and was born in good old Surrey before relocating to LA as a child.

The actress officially broke Hollywood when she starred as Sandra Bullocks' daughter in 2009's The Blind Side. And, it wasn't long before starring roles followed, including the Snow White remake Mirror Mirror and the film adaptation of Cecilia Ahern's Love, Rosie. 

But, it wasn't just the silver screen that took a shining to the star, the fashion and beauty world came knocking too with Lily landing a Lancôme contract and cementing her spot on the FROW. (Have you seen her eyebrows!? They are perfection).

Oh, and have we mentioned Michelle Obama wrote her a personal letter applauding Lily for her candid new book Unfiltered? Yup. Plus everyone's talking about seeing Lily Collins in To The Bone on Netflix too.

Now, she stars in Rules Don't Apply, a film based on Hollywood billionaire Howard Hughes who you may know from when Leonardo DiCaprio starred as him in the 2004 biopic The Aviator. 

Her new film was written, directed and stars Warren Beatty (yes, the actor who was unfortunately at the forefront of the Oscars envelope blunder) and is all 1960s Hollywood glamour.

Lily plays an aspiring actress who gets caught up in the web that was Howard's existence as a businessman, investor, film director and notorious womaniser and eccentric.

We caught up with Lily to ask her some probing questions that have been proven by psychologists to accelerate closeness (and even lead to love).

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Take it away Lily...

Rules Don't Apply is in cinemas now.

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