Here are the most convincing Game of Thrones fan theories

Spoilers ahead...

game of thrones season 8

Spoilers ahead...

What could be going down in Westeros?

When we left last time, there was a lot of stuff going down. From Jon and Dany, to Cersei's pregnancy, to the Night King breaking through the wall... it was epic.

But how is the series going to finish? Let's take a look at potential endings...

Game of Thrones fan theories

Jon and Dany - not sitting in a tree...

goodbye game of thrones

Game of Thrones

We were kind of conflicted when Jon and Daenerys got together at the end of season 7. Tyrion didn't look too convinced by the match either, tbh. While everyone has been hoping for the pair to join forces, when they did there was an unforgettable reminder that they're actually related.

However, many are guessing that at least one of them will die by the end of the show. Boo! We don't like that one. But there could be something in it, as some think that Dany could turn on Jon and murder him.

There was a prophecy that Azor Ahai (Jon? Dany) will plunge a sword into the heart of his loved one to save the world. Gulp.

Bran's a man with a plan

Bran told Littlefinger 'chaos is a ladder'

The army of the dead are coming, so before the Starks and Lannisters fight it out for the throne they'll have to deal with the Night King and his (rather terrifying) gang.

Brief recap: Jon Snow went far up north with his mates and Daenerys' dragon, Viserion, was killed so is now a super ice-fire breathing baddie. And he melted big chunks of the wall, meaning the Night King et al are on their way.

This is where Bran Stark's ability to warg will come in handy. All along, we've been wondering when Bran's unusual power will save the day - could it be time for him to shine?

One theory suggests that he will be able to control scary dead Viseron to attack the white walkers, and another reckons that he is, in fact, the Night King. Dun-dun-dun.

Jaime will take Cersei down

Cersei Lannister

Cersei's death in Game of Thrones has been a hot topic for fans.

Remember when Maggy the Frog prophesied that Cersei would be strangled by her little brother? In the books, she said: 'Three [children] for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.’

Fans took that to mean that Tyrion would be the one to take her down - but actually, Jaime could be responsible for her death. Oooh.

Ed Sheeran's cameo (remember that?) was divisive, yet his song held a special meaning. It was called Hands of Gold which tells the story of a man filled with 'shame and bliss' for his lover. And guess who has an actual golden hand? Jaime.

Tyrion gets all back-stabbing

game of thrones

Credit: HBO

Yep - people are speculating that good old Tyrion is going to turn on Dany. Why? Because a) he might be in love with her, and was not happy about her Jon Snow hook-up; b) a prophecy said that Dany would be betrayed once for blood (the witch who killed her unborn child), once for money (Jorah) and once for love; and c) we never saw the end of the conversation between Tyrion and Cersei, when she asked him: 'Have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then?'

Could Tyrion could have potentially promised something to Cersei? Many fans believe it to be that her unborn child will take the throne after Daenerys. Tyrion has been vocal about his wish to find an heir for Dany – a promise to give the throne to baby Lannister would ensure that his family remains in power, and that there is a ruler after the Mother of Dragons.

If he has made this pact with Cersei, it would explain why he is looking so concerned at Jon popping over to Dany’s cabin for a bootycall – they could potentially end up with a child together, throwing a huge spanner in the works.

So there we have it - four fan theories that make total sense.

Now we've just got to wait until April to find out whether any of them come true...

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