Chris Evans just went IN on Donald Trump on Twitter



By Rebecca Fearn.

We're used to seeing President Donald Trump fluffing up tweets by misspelling words (or just making them up altogether - remember covfefe?), and we kind of love it when he gets called out, especially by a famous face...

Captain America star (and ex-boyfriend of our beloved Jenny Slate) Chris Evans is the latest star to publicly take issue with Trump's tweets, pointing out an unfortunate spelling error.

Chris rightfully corrected Trump's wrong spelling of the word 'counsel' when he spelt it 'councel', before expressing his true feelings about the current sitting President.

"It’s ‘counsel’, Biff. The word is ‘counsel’", wrote Chris.

He then continued, sharing his opinion on the President:

"I was trying to comprehend how in the world a man, even as moronic as you, can misspell a word he probably reads fifty times a day. But then it dawned on me, you probably only HEAR the word. You don’t read shit. And we all know it".


This isn't actually the first time Trump has misspelt the word 'counsel', and even found himself being corrected by on Twitter earlier this year. Surely that's the ultimate burn?!

We'll be honest: we're pretty thrilled Captain America had the last word...

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