Bradley Cooper cast his own dog in A Star Is Born


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Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Big news for Bradley Cooper and cute dog fans (a niche yet I predict wide band of people): Bradley has confirmed he cast his own dog in recent movie A Star Is Born.

The pooch, named Charlie, plays the role of Jackson (Cooper) and Ally (Lady Gaga)'s dog. We wonder what kind of audition process he had to go through?!

Speaking to People, Bradley commented:

“There was no nepotism — I wanted this relationship with the dog... [Jackson and Ally] don’t have a child together but they have a dog together, and I wanted it to be part of their story. I love dogs.”

He also joked that since his appearance in the movie, Charlie has become pretty big time: “[he] has an agent. I don’t talk to him much anymore. He doesn’t return my calls. He always walks away from me unless I have food.”

Charlie is named after Cooper's late father, meaning he holds a special place in his heart.

The actor does have two other dogs however: German shorthaired pointer Samson and Chow Retriever mix Charlotte, both of whom are rescue dogs.

Let's just hope Charlie received a fair salary.

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