The Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins is releasing another book

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  • The question is, is it a Girl on the Train sequel?

    Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is without doubt one of the most successful books of the year. Approximately 18 million people have read the psychological thriller, and a film adaptation starring Emily Blunt was released earlier this year.

    The story is told from three different women’s perspectives: Rachel, Anna and Megan. Rachel has a drinking problem, and is struggling with the fact that her marriage has ended after her husband Tom left her for another woman (Anna). As a result of her drinking, Rachel has lost her job and regularly binge drinks to the point that she blacks out.

    After a particularly heavy drinking session, Rachel wakes up injured and bloodied with no memory of the night before and a sinking feeling that she has done something terrible. She then learns that Megan (the third woman) is missing. You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out the rest.

    Fans of The Girl on the Train‘s gripping storyling can rejoice, as the author has announced that another book is on its way. Titled Into the Water, the novel follows the story of two sisters who live in a small, riverside town. Intriguing…

    Paula Hawkins new book

    Paula Hawkins with the cast of The Girl on the Train: Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux and Haley Bennett

    Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a little while for the new novel to hit shelves, as the book won’t be released until the 2nd May 2017. Rest assured we won’t be able to put it down when we finally do get our hands on a copy, though.

    If you haven’t read or watched the film of The Girl on the Train yet (seriously?), then now is the perfect time to do so ahead of the new book’s release.

    Now, how many days until the 2nd May next year, exactly?

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