Lizzo's 'English breakfast' has Brits wondering what on earth is happening

You okay, hun?

Lizzo wearing black lipstick at MTV VMA awards 2022
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Whether she's expertly clapping back at body shaming comments or doing tequila shots with Adele, Lizzo is, undeniably, an icon.

However, her take on an 'English breakfast' has gone viral - and left a number of Brits rather stunned. 

Social media is awash with clips of Americans putting their own, shall we say, spin, on British classics. Can we ever forget the lady who caused national outrage when she tried to make a cup of tea in the microwave? Not likely. 

And it seems that the Truth Hurts singer has joined the unlikely ranks of Americans who give Brits a cold sweat with their culinary horrors. 

Lizzo was in the UK last month for her hotly-anticipated performance at Glastonbury festival, and during her stay she checked into a hotel near Worthy Farm in . 

While she was there 'deep in the Bridgerton trenches in Bath', she enjoyed a classic English breakfast - sharing a video on TikTok this week saying: "I want to show y’all the champion’s breakfast I’ve been eating at this countryside place. It's so good."

The ingredients weren't particularly surprising - she shared clip of veggie sausages, porridge, grapefruit and an iced coffee. 

But what happens next has caused ruptions with Brits on social media, with many admitting they have some thoughts

Kicking things off by adding salt to her porridge - an unusual addition, but not completely unheard of - she said: "If you know, you know."

Then, Lizzo proceeds to spoon the salty porridge mixture onto her sausages in a move that has left many shocked and 'disturbed'. 


LizzoBeEating: english food

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One fan wrote: "Did you just pour porridge on your veg sausage? Nooo, nooo."

Another said: "I love this woman but did she just dip sausage in porridge?"

A third frantically wrote: "NOT THE SAUSAGE PORRIDGE."

In the US, grits are a savoury corn porridge traditionally eaten at breakfast, and one fan explained: "Porridge is oatmeal in America and not everyone, but I totally used to dip my bacon in my sweet oatmeal."

Are you convinced?!

Think we'll leave this one to Lizzo. 

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