John Mayer's night-time beauty routine is AMAZING!

Wait until you see his skincare hacks

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Wait until you see his skincare hacks

When you think about 'beauty influencers', names like Charlotte Tilbury, Ruth Crilly, even Gwyneth Paltrow spring to mind, but one beauty guru we've all been overlooking is John Mayer. Yes, that's right, John Mayer. The singer. The ex boyf of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry. The heartthrob of women worldwide.

Turns out that as well as being able to hum a tune like a music God, Johnny boy is also a master of skincare. On his snapchat on Wednesday night, the musician gave fans an insight into his nighttime beauty routine, titled 'skincare secrets with John'.

'People are always asking me, John, what are some of your skincare secrets?' he says to the camera during his first snap. 'And I always say, that’s an odd question to ask me, and they always say, you literally just asked me to ask you that.'

He then goes on to reveal his multi-step routine, telling us that he's scrubbed his face clean with Proactiv with applying Natura Bissé moisturiser, which he says he 'has a feeling is used mainly by people in their 60s and 70s,' but loves it anyway.

His first hack? Always apply your product directly from the bottle onto your face - a method he's dubbed D.A.T., or Direct Application Technique - so you don't get the lotion stuck in the creases of your fingers, wasting valuable product that could otherwise have gone on your complexion.

For his second skin hack, the guitarist insists that eye cream is simply face moisturiser, except much better, much more expensive, and in much smaller bottles, so he uses it absolutely everywhere.

Next, he takes a Vitamin C and E complex and dabs it along his laugh lines and in the shape of a smiley face along his upper lip, calling it 'The Offset Smiley,' otherwise known as an anti-aging trick to battle smile lines.

Then it's time to pay attention to his 'CNZ: crucial nescessity zones', which he does with Natura Bissé’s Diamond Extreme - excitedly claiming that 'this is some crazy shit.' With a q-tip, he dabs the lotion wherever his skin needs the maximum amount of moisturisation (basically everywhere) and then works each drop into his skin with said q-tip, taking him 2 hours to complete.

For the final step, Meyer sprays Natura Bissé’s Diamond Mist Spray to set in all the moisturisers he’s just slathered on his face, which also involves his last skin hack - head butting your mist spray instead of spraying it onto the face to give you a lighter, more even coverage.

Then he brushes his teeth for all of 2 seconds, throws his toothbrush over his shoulder and declares himself all ready for bed. John, we love you.

Natalie Lukaitis