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Japanese beauty products you need if you call yourself a beauty addict

Korean beauty may have had its moment in the spotlight, but Japanese beauty will always have a place in our heart

For a while, Japanese beauty was shunned from the spotlight as the world became obsessed with Korean beauty. It seemed that our love-affair with K-beauty would never end, but Japanese beauty is set to become popular once again in 2018.

The truth is that Japan has exported some of the very best cleanser, lotions and best face serum that the whole world has to offer. In fact Japan’s best-selling brand, Decorté, invented the world’s first face serum; their Liposome Moisture formula is still the number one selling serum today.

Much of the obsession with perfect-looking skin comes from the geisha community. Japanese-inspired brand Tatcha’s founder, Vicky Tsai, spent close time with geishas, who take skincare incredibly seriously – any flaws show up easily under their theatrical, brilliant white make-up.

‘Underneath their iconic white make-up is the most breathtakingly pure skin I had ever seen in my life,’ she writes in a blog post. ‘I have met trainee geisha as young as 19 and senior geisha as old as 70, but regardless of age they all share the same exquisite complexion.’

So how can you get some of that flawlessly soft, baby-skin complexion for yourself?

Keep scrolling to learn about 10 of the best Japanese beauty products you can get your hands on in the UK, from fragrance to skincare.

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