Japanese beauty brands and products you should have on your radar

You've heard of K-beauty, now it's time to wise up on J-beauty

The world has been obsessed with Korean beauty products for several years now, but Japanese beauty has just as much to offer in terms of excellent and effective beauty products.

The truth is that Japan is responsible for creating some of the very best face serum, cleansers and lotions in the whole wide world, and is the birth place of some of the world’s biggest brand names. SK-II? Shiseido? SUQQU? Yep, all Japanese.

One of Japan’s best-selling brands, Decorté actually invented the world’s first face serum – and the Liposome Moisture formula is still the number one best-selling serum today. It works to strengthen the skin’s barrier and gradually release hydration throughout the day so that your complexion’s moisture levels are at their optimum all day long.

Meanwhile DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil, £24 at Lookfantastic, is one of their best cleansers; inspired by cleansing with virgin olive oil, the thick formula is worked into dry skin and, as if by magic, dissolves make-up in a jiffy. Emulsify with water and rinse the whole thing off, and you’re done. A great make-up remover and deep cleanser all in one.

Then there’s the iconic Fairy Drops mascara, which has a really great story behind it. Aya Yasuda, one of the country’s biggest TV stars, had struggled to find a mascara that made her eyes stand as much as she wanted while on-screen. After snipping away at a brush she ended up with the famous (and now patented) ‘bobble’ wand, and one of the world’s best volumising mascaras was born. Look up ‘amped-up lashes’ in the dictionary and you’ll find Fairy Drops. Probably.

Ready for your crash course in J-beauty? Keep scrolling to learn about some of the best Japanese beauty products you can get your hands on in the UK, including both make-up and skincare buys.

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