CeraVe - Everything to know about the skincare brand dermatologists love

It's high time you stocked up

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It's high time you stocked up

Whether you've passed CeraVe in your local Boots, spotted it on TikTok or heard beauty journalists going on (and on) about it, I'm guessing you're here because you want to know about the

Although it only launched in the UK two years ago, the brand has been going for almost 15 years in the US, and is now one of the go-to skincare brands recommended by dermatologists. It's success has only boomed during lockdown, with Superdrug seeing a 65% week on week increase in sales during June.

If you're yet to try the simple yet effective products for yourself, keep reading to learn all about the brand and its bestsellers.

Why is CeraVe so good?

There are two things that make CeraVe products special. One, they're packed with three essential lipid molecules (ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II) to help repair and strengthen your skin barrier. Two, its MultiVesicular Emulsion Technology, which is a fancy way of describing that the hydrating ingredients are released gradually over 24 hours after applying.

‘Science has proven that dry skin occurs as a result of the breakdown of your natural skin barrier,' says co-founder Tom Allison. 'Traditional moisturisers are comprised of ingredients such as: humectants (which attract water to the skin) and emollients (the oily layer which sits on top of the skin to stop water escaping). These can be effective, but they don’t directly address the compromised skin barrier which causes dry or irritated skin in the first place.'

We've mentioned the famous ceramides before, so what makes them so great in your skincare? In short, adding them helps to restore your skin's barrier function and get it back on track.

'Ceramides are part of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) and ensure that the skin barrier functions correctly,' Allison continues. 'When ceramide levels are low, the skin barrier is weakened and skin can become dry, itchy, or irritated. By adding these three ceramides to its skincare range, CeraVe helps restore the skin barrier, giving plump, hydrated skin.'

Is CeraVe available in the UK?

Yes, although the formulas may vary slightly in the US due to the different rules and regulations. The product range is also much broader in the States, with more sunscreens, serums and specific lines for specific conditions like eczema, but more and more products are making their way to the UK as time goes on.

Keep reading for your guide to some of the brand's top products available in the UK below.

Cerave Moisturising Cream, £9, Lookfantastic

Cerave Moisturising Cream

You really can't go wrong with this one, a thick, fuss-free moisturiser that's deeply moisturising and gentle on skin. Fans of the brand report that it's great for itchy and dry skin conditions like eczema (myself included!). If you're not ready to commit to the larger tube or ginormous tub just yet, the CeraVe Moisturising Cream 50ml is just £4. Hands down one of the best moisturiser for dry skin.

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CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, £9.50, Lookfantastic

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

You really can't go wrong with the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for a great cleanse every single day; all of the brand's cleansers are at a more affordable price point and last for ages. Although the packaging lists it as being for normal to dry skin, most people find they get on well with the formula as it's non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

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CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser, £12, Boots

CeraVE Smoothing SA Cleanser

Salicylic acid is one of those hero multitasking ingredients – it exfoliates, declogs pores and can reduce inflammation. Therefore the SA Smoothing Cleanser contains a 0.5% concentration that gently exfoliates while you wash, without wreaking havoc on your skin barrier. And of course, it's also fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

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CeraVe Repair Eye Cream, £12, Lookfantastic

Cerave Repair Eye Cream

The best eye cream is formulated specifically for this delicate area, and not only will CeraVe's support the skin barrier, it can also reduce the look of dark circles and calm puffiness – two of our biggest bug bears. Use a small pea-sized amount and gently pat into the area with your ring finger.

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Shop a few more CeraVe heroes in our round-up below. We're pretty sure you're going to love them.

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