This is the most intense product I’ve ever used on my lips—but boy does it plump them up

An instantly fuller-looking pout? Yes please

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I’ll come right out and say it - I’ve never been a fan of lip plumpers. I usually find them uncomfortable to wear and not actually that effective. That was, until I tried the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip plumper.

Lip plumpers have soared in popularity recently, and it’s clear to see why. If you don’t fancy lip fillers but want to try a temporarily fuller pout, lip plumpers are a great option. Unlike lip oils, glosses and balms which give the appearance of more volumised lips through deep hydration and a high-shine finish, lip plumpers use ingredients that actually boost your natural lips, increasing blood flow to make them look fuller - pretty cool, right?

These formulas have come a long way since the ones I first tried 10+ years ago, which would leave my lips feeling dry and uncomfortable, and not actually plump them up very much. While the majority of lip plumpers do still rely on mild irritation to boost volume, which can make them slightly uncomfortable, I’ve *finally* found a formula that works for me.

So why do I think this lip plumper exceeds all others? I’ll explain…

My review of the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip plumper

Firstly, this lip plumper smells incredible when first applied, a bit like freshly-baked cookies. When it comes to the sensation, yes, you will experience a few minutes of tingling - as with all lip plumpers, and this is one of the more intense formulas I’ve tried - but the effects are worth it. 

If you’re wondering what this lip plumper feels like, the best way I can describe it is a tickly spiciness - strange, but not altogether unpleasant. The sort of spiciness you get from cinnamon, rather than a jalapeno pepper.

The tingling sensation only lasts for around 3 minutes, after which I feel a sort of pulsing sensation - like my heartbeat has suddenly rushed to my lips. After 5 minutes in total, any strange tingling and pulsing sensations have disappeared and I’m left with a fuller-looking pout with a natural boost in colour that lasts for a good few hours. Longer than any other lip plumper I’ve tried.

valeza wearing the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip plumper

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The formula itself is surprisingly nourishing, and the glossy balm effect lingers way past the point the plumping effect has faded, for long-lasting hydration. 

This lip plumper is not something I would use all day, every day - as the name suggests, it’s a little intense - but it’s great for the occasional volume boost that keeps working long after the tingling sensation has gone away. 

Oh, and it doesn’t just deliver instant plumpness, but actually makes your lips look fuller over time too. Lip filler, who? 

You can get the Too Faced lip plumpers in different colours and intensity levels - the Power Plumping lip gloss is perfect if the skin on your lips or face is particularly sensitive. Similarly, if you’d like an even more intense plumping effect, Too Faced also has a ‘maximum strength’ lip plumping formula

You can shop my favourite Extreme formula in its various shades, along with the lighter and more intense Too Faced lip plumpers below…

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Valeza Bakolli
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