Why A Nude Lipstick Should Be Your New Make-Up Staple

Nude lipstick is flattering, easy to wear and suits just about anyone. Find your perfect hue here...

Nude lipsticks are outselling red hues for the first time in three years. Perhaps down to the influence of a-listers like Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson and Amy Adams – who have all been sporting nude lips on the red carpet this year – and perhaps down to the trend for bare-faced beauty, here at MC we are glad to see such an easy-to-wear shade become on trend.

There will always be a time and a place to work a classic red lip, but for every day, we don’t think you can beat a subtle nude. More and more brands are now catering to different skintones: Maybelline, L’Oréal and Illamasqua, to name just a few, have recently launched nude collections dedicated to different skintones and colourings.

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