I just quizzed Lisa Eldridge (Hollywood's fave make-up artist) on how to get glowing skin in 4 simple steps

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Lisa Eldridge
(Image credit: Lisa Eldridge)

If there were any make-up artist we’d want on our speed dial for the best foundation tips, it’d be Lisa Eldridge. After years of making people up on shoots, backstage, and for the red carpet, she’s put many foundations through their paces under all sorts of circumstances, and we’d hazard a guess that her encyclopaedic knowledge contains a fair few recommendations whether you’re looking for the best foundation for mature skin, the best foundation for oily skin, or, indeed, the best foundation for dry skin.

Sadly, Lisa is too busy making up A-Listers to extensively list out the contents of her kit or to answer every little make-up question we have for her, but we did manage to grab some of her time to get her top winter base tips, from lighting up a face which is looking a little pallid to adding bronze glow without falling into the trap of applying a foundation in a shade that’s too dark.

Oh, and on a side note: Lisa’s tips are universal and apply to all foundations, but she has made her own and we feel obliged to tell you that it is one of our favourite foundations, particularly for achieving that barely-there-but-covering-the-stuff-you-want-covering finish. 

Here are Lisa's four foundation rules to make sure you stick to for glowing skin:

1. Prep your skin properly to avoid dry patches

"As the temperatures drop and indoor heating and harsh weather wreak havoc on our skin. I find myself reaching for heavier moisturisers, creams, and prep products to add extra nourishment the skin and give a more hydrated base for makeup. My favourites are Augustus Bader The Rich Cream and Venn Age-Reversing All-in-One Concentrate."

2. Start with cheeks if you want to light up your face

"Blush and highlighter are my two favourite items to really bring a winter face back to life, so why not mix it up and indulge in a little, fun colour mixology by mixing together your favourite shades and textures. I love mixing my True Velvet lipsticks with my liquid highlighter to make a bespoke illuminating blush. Sweep across the apples of your cheeks for an easy, enlivening glow."


3. Throw out the rulebook when it comes to applying foundation 

"When I apply my own foundation, I like to apply using my fingertips before smoothing out with a classic, foundation brush. I then use a smaller, flat brush to target conceal any areas that need further coverage. You can absolutely apply your foundation with the tool that works for you though, beauty isn’t a one size fits all!"

4. Use your true skin colour for foundation, then add bronzer for warmth

"Rather than applying foundation a shade too dark for you, which might result in tide lines, stick with your usual shade of foundation and opt for some strategically placed, flattering bronzer to warm your complexion.

"To fake a vacation glow even in winter, choose a bronzer that’s as close to your naturally sun-kissed skin as possible. Use a big, soft brush to diffuse the colour seamlessly and build up little by little, across your cheeks, nose, forehead (don’t forget the centre of your neck too as this will help to bring everything together)… wherever the sun would naturally hit. Keep your bronze believable by adding a little blush on your cheeks too, for a natural look."

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