Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette

STFU! There’s a Dirty Dancing themed eyeshadow palette coming out?

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  • Nobody's going to put this baby in the corner...

    What’s the most romantic film you’ve ever seen? Ghost? We get that. The pottery scene is probably one of the most heart pounding moments in cinematic history. Titanic? Completely understand. We spent many a car ride sliding our hands down fogged up windows after watching that one. Except, we were dressed in puffer jackets with our mum driving. No Leo in sight.

    For us, Dirty Dancing trumps all. Nothing will ever beat the lake scene. Saying ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’ will never get old. And we’re happy to carry a watermelon any time. Anywhere. So to say that we’re excited about the latest revelation, is a bit of an understatement.

    Cult beauty brand, Sola Look, who hit our radar when they released their Flash Dance inspired palette back in September, are pulling the reminiscent chords again by releasing a new Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette. 

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    DIRTY DANCING BEAUTY PALETTE IDEAS! 2017. #nobodyputsbabyinacorner

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    So far, these are just the first looks at the products. But, they’re hoping to launch the palette as soon as early next year. And so far, they’ve picked out at least one name. Writing on their Instagram post, they revealed the first name in their caption.

    ‘There will be a product in the palette called “Baby.” But it will be more so in the middle. We’re trying to get her out of that corner that she’s been stuck in for the last 30 years.’ Genius!

    So the question is, what will the other names be? Perhaps ‘Watermelon’? ‘Maracas’? Oh, we know, ‘It’s not the Mamba’.

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