Start saving. Crème de la Mer is launching a cosmetics line

Get excited. La Mer have some amazing news...

Crème de la mer make-up
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Get excited. La Mer have some amazing news...

For years the legendary Crème de la Mer has been a skincare brand that is successful, sought-after and respected. Women swear by its anti-ageing ability and buying it almost enters you into an exclusive club. One where every woman who slathers herself with their cult favourite cream looks glowing. So, if you’re aboard the La Mer train then boy have we got news for you. Crème de la Mer make-up has landed. 

Following the many years of success they've had with their skincare line, La Mer have created Skincolor de la Mer. A brand-spanking new bridge between skincare and colour. Trust us when we tell you you’ll WANT it all.

It all started with Max Huber, an aerospace physicist who created what has been touted as the best moisturiser to have been made. Every glossy department store stocks the cult range and anyone serious about skincare (with a sizeable budget) has it in their arsenal at all times. 

La Mer’s results have inspired a global loyal following, with the range promising improved skin texture, smoother lines and the ultimate comfort for dry skin. A few facts that have us hook, line and sinker. 

If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect shade for you, even after trawling around a glossy department store floor on your weekend, then look no further. La Mer’s Skincolor technology was created to mimic true skin tones and colour pigments. Which means you can finally nail the no makeup makeup trend properly. Find the shades you need and apply sparingly. Then again, if you want a full face of make-up, you can do this with it too.

So exactly what's in the range of Crème de la Mer make-up? Drum roll please... 

The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20, £80. Apply this foundation to improve your skin as you wear it. Perfect if you’re on the go and need a hybrid.

The Concealer £55. A weightless formula that can be taken anywhere for touch ups. Take this out during your morning commute. No one will turn their nose up at it. 

The Powder, £65. This gives you radiant skin, like you've slept for 8 hours. Simply pat the powder where you need.

The Foundation Brush, £50. So soft and covers every curve and contour on the face, making getting ready super speedy. Few extra minutes in bed = a winner in any case.

The Powder Brush, £45. The luxe brush has antibacterial bristles and the price is justifiable – we know a multi-tasker when we see one! Use stippling motions to build up coverage and sweeping motions to blend. 

 The Skincolor de la Mer is available now.

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