The best lip tints for a natural wash of colour

The beauty desk have put lip tints to the test and chosen their ten favourites for you to try...

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The beauty desk have put lip tints to the test and chosen their ten favourites for you to try...

The best lip tints are the happy medium between a bold, bright lipstick and a clear balm for lips. With the wintery weather drawing in sometimes a lipstick colour can seem a bit intimidating and lip-glosses can be a nightmare in the wind (sticky hair yuck!).

Teamed with a warm blush a light, pretty tint on the lips can really enhance your natural look and will look cute when you're wrapped up in a woolly coat and scarf too! When choosing your lip tint there are a few important things to consider. Firstly a good base and secondly the right shade.

Follow our essential tips for achieve the perfect lip tint look...

Choosing the best lip tint shade:

Lip tints are designed to give you a natural, rosey glow and add a freshness to your makeup look. When choosing your tint make sure to test before buying so you can check that the colour complements your skin tone. It's also a good idea to test with your usual blush. If you are going for a natural look you want to go for a similar colour to your blush. As a general guideline if you are fair skinned red tones work well, for olive skins opt you could go for orange or pinks and for darker skin tones plums and berries look gorgeous. But there are no rules in beauty so be brave and try something new if you fancy.

Pre-application tips:

Lip tints can be tricky to master at first but don't despair! When you first use them apply at home when you aren't under time pressure. Like all lip colours it's important to have a good base. Central heating and windy weather conditions can leave our lips feeling dry and looking rough. Combat this by using a lip scrub such as Frank Body Lip Scrub, £9 Space NK or the Laura Gellar Lip Strip Smoothing Sugar Scrub, £13 Fabled.

Now you've chosen your perfect shade and got a great base it's time to pucker up.

Read on to find out what our ten favourite lip tints are...

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