How To... Make A Flower Crown!

You've got your wellies at the ready and you're 90% sure you know where your tickets are - meaning that all that's left is making yourself a festival flower crown...

Flower Crown
Flower Crown

You've got your wellies at the ready and you're 90% sure you know where your tickets are - meaning that all that's left is making yourself a festival flower crown...

Call us basic, but all we really want to do in life is prance around in a meadow with rings on our fingers, bells on our toes and flowers in our hair.

And while the weather isn't quite barefoot-appropriate, we don't know where the nearest meadow even is, and we dropped our favourite ring down the plug hole, wearing fleurs in our hurr is totally achievable.

So, whether you're heading off to Latitude this weekend, saving up your energy for Secret Garden party in a fortnight, or simply want to feel like a princess while watching the new series of True Detective, we asked professional flower fairies, Rose & Wolf for their top tips on how to make a flower crown (and keep it fresh).

And if it still sounds too complicated for you (though it really isn't), head down to Eventbrite Summer School to have a go with their guidance!

1. The Wire

Cut a length of aluminum wire long enough to go round your head with a few inches of excess at the back for securing later. Take some stem tape and wrap tightly round the length of the wire to cover it from one end to the other. 2. Fresh Flowers

Choose five to six of the freshest blooms with woody stems you can find (e.g. roses and carnations), as these will last longer. Make sure you cut the stems about an inch from the bottom. 3. Measure Up

Choose where you want your flower crown to start by placing the wire around your head and taking note of where you want the line of flowers to begin from. 4. Start Laying

Using the stem tape, take your first flower and lay it flat along the wire. Secure the stem to the wire by tightly wrapping the stem tape around both the stem and wire. 5. Repeat

Take your second flower and repeat the process, ensuring the flowers are all facing the same way, working from left to right.

6. Get Creative

When it comes to the design, anything goes. Bright, clashing colours can make a real impact, or for something a little more understated, stick to flowers with the same tone such as pinks and reds. And don't forget you can use foliage to add texture and shape. 7. Pack Tightly

This will ensure your crown will stay fresh for longer, so adding flowers until you are happy with your design. 8. Big Drink

Top Tip: Stand your flowers in deep water for 24 hours before making the crown to ensure they have drunk lots and will last longer. 9. Keep It Cool

If you want to make a flower crown the evening before you're going to wear it, mist it with water and keep it in the fridge overnight so it stays fresh. 10. Wear It!

Fasten the flower crown on your head by tightly by wrapping the wire around your hair and twisting the ends together at the back of your head. Then cut any excess wire off and ta da! You're done!

Make a fresh flower crown with Rose & Wolf at Eventbrite’s Summer School, Wednesday 22nd July @ 8am

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