6 ways to get good hair while you sleep

Wake up looking like you've visited the salon

good hair while you sleep
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Wake up looking like you've visited the salon

Instead of trying to salvage your hair every morning, put the effort in the night before. With these six ways to get good hair while you sleep, you'll never have a bad hair day again.

Sleep on a satin pillow case for better hair

The best thing you can do for your hair is invest in a silk pillowcase. The fibres in cotton pillowcases tug your hair during the night, causing damage. With silk, not only is your hair safe from this, it also retains moisture, which gives your hair its shine.

Don't sleep with wet hair

Is it really that bad to sleep with wet hair? Yes. Yes, it is. When your hair is wet, it’s in a ‘compromised’ state. Just as you shouldn’t tug or pull your hair with a comb or brush while it’s wet, you also shouldn’t be tossing and turning in bed. Each time you do, you risk over stretching your hair shaft, which can lead to damage.

Go to bed with oil in your hair for shiny hair in the morning

Coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil. Any oil in your hair the night before will mean shinier hair the day after. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. First, saturate your hair with oil. Then, got to sleep. Finally, wake up and wash your hair as normal. You'll notice the difference immediately. Find the perfect oil for you by taking this quiz.

good hair while you sleep

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Put your hair up in a bun for soft wavy hair

Don't just save your topknot for bad hair days. Use it to create good hair days. The height of it will promote your hair to stand up at the roots, which will give you added volume. Meanwhile, the twist of your bun will give you soft waves. So when you take it out the next morning, you'll have voluminous, wavy hair.

Know the best time to put dry shampoo in your hair

We often put dry shampoo in our hair in the morning. But, the key is to actually put dry shampoo in your hair the night before. That way, when you wake up, it's done the job of absorbing excess oils, but it's also been distributed throughout your hair, so you don't end up with patches of white. Or worse, sticky areas.

Braid your hair the night before for wavy hair

If you want mermaid-esque hair and don't have time in the morning to tong it, braid it the night before. This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works. Spray with sea salt after you've released them for amazing texture.


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