Three Hairstyles, Three Days: How To Have Flawless Hair The Whole Festival Weekend

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  • When festival season comes around, we can hardly contain our excitement about having three days of amazing music, dressing up in our definitely NSFW (that's Not Suitable For Work, btw) outfits and just generally having a good time with our friends.

    But one thing we don’t look forward to is dealing with our hair. The reality is, you probably won’t wash your hair. For the ENTIRE weekend. That puts us in a bit of a pickle when it comes to perfecting our festival looks.

    We’ve tried dry shampoo, we’ve tried baby powder, but nothing apart from stuffing our locks under a beanie à la Cara Delevingne gets us out of the dirty hair-induced slump you reach by the end of day two.

    So we set out on a mission to find a failsafe solution that keeps every one happy and fresh-looking for the whole weekend.

    Roxy Farrier, senior stylist at Jo Hansford salon in Mayfair, London has come up with a super easy, super chic three-day hair guide to ensure your hair looks great, even though it might not feel it.

    Day after day, each hairstyle uses regular festival wear and tear, AKA wind and grease that causes problems, to build the perfect festival hair routine, no washing involved.

    Day one: Do your ‘do

    Make the most of your hair feeling clean and fresh and let your locks flow loose on day one. Before you set off, use a Cloud-9 wand or tongs if you prefer, and take sections of hair, approximately an inch wide, and wrap them around the wand.

    You can tong your hair in any direction until you reach the very front when you should tong away from your face.

    By taking smaller sections, you are creating a tighter wave initially but these will drop naturally leaving you with waves that will last all day and a relaxed, bohemian look that can be accessorised with a headband or flowers.

    Day two: The half up, half down, and half the effort style

    When your tousled waves have fallen flat, part you hair in your desired parting and take a horseshoe shaped section of hair from your temple around to the back of your head. Take a one inch section of hair from each side and twist the away from your face, gradually adding in more hair as you work your way around to the back of your head.

    Secure with pins and repeat on the opposite side. Tease strands around and within the horseshoe section to create a dishevelled look.

    Day three: It’s all (up) or nothing

    If your hair is starting to feel greasy, use a dry shampoo to refresh your roots before starting to style.

    Part your hair in the centre and divide into two equal sections. Plait each section starting from the top of your neck, and then working the plait around to the front and upwards so you are angling the braid over the top of your head.

    Secure each plait with a clear band before twisting them around the head to the front and across the top, securing with pins. Tease the plaits to give a more textured messy look.

    When you’ve packed up and hitched back home, Roxy also recommends treating yourself to a deep conditioning, like the Jo Hansford Intensive Masque. You’ll want to give your hair a reboot after battling grit, sweat and harsh winds, so a masque treatment with sunflower extract (helps protect coloured hair) and Keratin (gives hair a protein boost) will do just the trick. 

    For more information or to visit the salon please visit or call 020 7495 7774

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