The one tip you need to find your best hair colour

It's as easy as looking at the mirror in your compact...

how to find the best hair colour
Lily Rose Depp norm
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It's as easy as looking at the mirror in your compact...

There's a variety of things we're told to think about when choosing a new hair colour. Our skin tone, the health of our hair, our natural colour, and previous dye jobs... but who'd have thought a big teller in choosing the best colour could be as easy as looking at the mirror in your compact? If you want to know how to find the best hair colour for you, simply look at your eyes.

'Your eye colour and skin’s undertone is the best way to gauge what shade will look best on you’, says hair colouring expert, Michael Rowan of Smith’s London.

‘Generally, women who have hazel or brown eyes should always think of autumn colours, so reds, coppers and golds' (Take the gorgeous Lily Rose-Depp's copper tones, for example). 'If they’re thinking of going blonde, they should aim for more buttery, golden tones and if they're going brunette, they should opt for rich shades, like chestnut brown’, says Michael.

‘Typically, light, sky blue eyes work great with cooler tones, like icy-blonde or platinum’, says Michael. But they can work darker shades too. ‘All they need to look for is cooler undertones, for example, blue-black.’ Just think of J-Law's new icy blonde which works perfectly with her blue eyes.

And if you’re blessed with green eyes, well, you’re in luck.

'Having the gift of green eyes means you can play with both warm and cool hair shades,’ says Michael, 'for example, a copper tones in the hair will really make your eyes pop, whereas a deeper rust colour will bring warmth to your skin.'

'If you're searching for how to find the best hair colour for you, all you need to do is look at what you already have.'

There it is, then: look no further than your eye colour for a sure-fire way to suss out which hair colour will best suit you. Simple!

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