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The secret to looking like you've just stepped out of a salon? Investing in haircare tailored to exactly what your hair needs…

Defining our ‘signature style’ is something that we hear a lot about in the fashion world – but what does this mean for our hair?

When it comes to clothes, we’re usually influenced by catwalks, models and style-savvy celebs, but raising your hair game is all about learning what works for you.

Just like most of us have a signature scent and bespoke skincare, personalised haircare regimes are fast becoming the norm when it comes to caring for our tresses.

That’s why we’re shining a light on the genius EnergyCode™ hair mapping tool from the hair experts at System Professional, which uses innovative technology to create a tailor-made haircare system as individual as you are.

What makes it so brilliant?

What makes this approach so unique is that each System Professional EnergyCode hair product contains an EnergyCode Complex that’s designed to re-establish your hair’s natural lipid balance and protect its keratin.

Plus, with more than 262 million mix-and-match combinations available, you’re guaranteed a personalised set of haircare heroes that target your hair’s specific needs, so it’s visibly healthier and beautifully responsive to styling and colour.

What’s also great is that EnergyCode care products can now be complemented by a new styling range that’s inspired by our favourite beauty brands offering BB and CC makeup. With these innovative new products, you’ll be able to style your locks, while caring for them at the same time, so no more sacrificing your hair’s health when it comes to everyday styling.

And we’re not the only ones who are impressed with System Professional’s line-up of haircare and the results it gives.

The expert seal of approval

‘Hair with bounce, energy and shine can be achieved using the right products for your hair type,’ explains celebrity make-up artist Caroline Barnes.

‘System Professional EnergyCoding identifies the best products for you.’

Fashion Week hair maestro Bruce Mansfield recently recommended System Professional EnergyCoding for styling and nourishing locks in one hit. So you know it’s a winner.

‘This range creates hair without that traditional crisp heavy feeling, hair feels free and moves naturally, I love it,’ says Bruce.

‘Having styling products that help create chic and modern shapes and which complement the care benefits of EnergyCode™ is genius!’

Sounds good to us, so whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or simply want to tweak your key hair looks, taking the time to discover your unique EnergyCode™ is the first step to understanding your hair, how to best care for and style it.

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