Hair how to: Punk rules

It’s our hair and music goals in one...

It’s our hair and music goals in one...

Punk is now a thing. Well for hair at least. And thanks to AW16 backstage shows like Isabel Marant and Giamba, which made a nod towards the 90s punk movement, our locks are all of a sudden craving texture, volume and rebellion.

Cue this no-nonsense style that’s somewhere between a chunky plait and flyaway quiff and actually looks better the more undone it is (aka it *almost* makes us want to dance like a maniac in a mosh pit).

For the full story, head over to our November issue to see how Charles Worthington Brand Ambassador Ken O’Rourke worked his magic. But don’t worry if you didn’t attend hair wizardry school – here are our 5 simple steps to creating the quiff-plait combo that’s as adventurous as it is on trend.

  1. The work starts when the hair’s wet, so don’t be tempted to just tie it up in a dishevelled bun and crawl into bed like us. (Autumn = hibernation). Spray a heat-protective spray such as Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Express Blow Dry Primer, £6.99, liberally all over. ‘Then blow-dry your hair over the face, directing the roots forwards,’ says Ken.
  2. ‘Backcomb this front section to give some substance to the quiff,’ says Ken. Separate the front section of hair and apply firm strokes backwards with a brush like Kent Salon Ceramic Round Brush, £9.50 to minimise damage.

Charles Worthington

Ken's Kit

3. Secure the quiff with grips from Hershesons Pin Me Down Black Pins, £6. Less is more, so try and use no more than five to seal the deal. MC tip: Placing the grips diagonally gives each pin double the staying power.

4. It’s time to plait not matter wherever you sit on the plait-skill-spectrum. A fishtail, frenchie or original plait all work just as well. Don’t worry about it being too precise, either – it should look undone.

5. Add a few drops of Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Oil, £6.99 onto the palm of your hand. ‘Then rub the braid to soften the look,’ says Ken.

We’re not claiming it’s punk funk perfection, but it’s a nod in the right direction.

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Now finish off the look with a hairspray. Now sure which one you need? Take this quiz on Powder to find the perfect one for you!