If, like me, you're a fan of warming scents, you'll want to know about these new-gen pistachio perfumes

It's the fragrance trend of the moment

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Move over vanilla, there's a new scent in town and it's just as delicious. Say hello to pistachio perfumes. Before I continue, I know what you're thinking: do I really want to smell like pistachios every day? As a fragrance lover, I too was sceptical when I first heard that this perfume trend was on the rise. But after trying some of the fragrances out for myself, I can confirm they are almost good enough to eat.

When it comes to the best perfume for women, gourmand fragrances have always appealed to me—think notes of caramel, chocolate, coffee and honey. However, recently we've seen a huge increase in demand. Mona Kattan, co-founder of Huda Beauty and founder of fragrance brand Kayali, agrees. "I think people are realising that gourmand fragrances can evoke memories about the things that make you happy. Those simple moments of having food with a loved one. People are realising that the smell of something you love to eat can take you to a beautiful place."

If, like me, you love nothing more than smelling like your favourite sweet treat, then there are lots of options out there. Take Kattan's newest fragrance, Pistachio Gelato 33, as an example. "I wanted to create fragrances around desserts, specifically Arab or Middle Eastern desserts because the ingredients are so different. That's how this perfume started, we thought about my favourite dessert, which is pistachio gelato."

After smelling it myself for the first time, it took me back to a trip to New York I went on with my dad almost ten years ago. After dragging him around the shops all day, we found a little Italian restaurant where we sat and enjoyed some of the best pistachio cake I've ever tasted. It's one of my favourite memories to this day.

If you don't like these sorts of scents, not to fear, as brands are incorporating pistachio into their perfumes in lots of different ways. Take Boy Smells, for example. The brand's scent, Italian Kush, combines pistachio notes with pomelo, basil, oregano, patchouli and black pepper to create a fresh, bright fragrance that's not at all sweet. Instead, it will transport you to a field filled with citrus trees on a hot summer's day.

Perhaps it really is the memories that these fragrances evoke that make them so popular. After all, when it comes to perfume, it's not so much about how it smells, but more about how it makes you feel. Either way, these pistachio perfumes will have you feeling (and smelling) good all spring and summer, so keep on scrolling to shop my top picks. For more inspiration, don't forget to check out our guides to the best fresh perfumes and the best long-lasting perfumes, too.

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