This sellout diffuser is, hands down, the chicest I've ever seen—and it's *finally* back in stock

I've never wanted a diffuser more

NEOM Tortoiseshell Diffuser
(Image credit: NEOM)

I’ll be 100% honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of electric diffusers. For the most part, they look far too ‘dystopian space movie’ for my liking. Okay, I’ll allow that they can look chic when paired with a minimalist interior, but I feel the classic smooth, white, matte designs would clash too much with my somewhat eclectic decor. 

So, understandably, when it comes to home fragrance, I’m a reed diffuser or scented candle girlie all the way. But I can’t deny the superior practicality that diffusers offer. Unlike candles (which require some upkeep and will need to be replaced), electric diffusers are sustainable by design. Once you’ve invested in a good-quality diffuser, you only really need to repurchase your favourite essential oils to top them up.

Of all the diffuser brands, Neom probably makes the chicest styles around. So I’m not at all surprised that the one design I’ve finally become obsessed with has been created by my favourite wellness brand. 

The newest iteration of Neom’s best-selling Wellbeing Pod features an achingly elegant tortoiseshell glass cover, which makes it the most beautiful diffuser I’ve ever laid eyes on. It sold out within 30 days of its first launch back in November—and it’s now back in stock for a limited time only.

So, why do I adore this diffuser so much? I’ll explain. Not only does the glass give it an elevated feel, but the Havea wooden base is also sustainably crafted from upcycled wood. It has the same efficient functionality as the classic Neom Wellbeing Pod but with the chicest design imaginable. Oh, and it isn’t just a diffuser but also a chic-yet-cosy lamp too, with the tortoiseshell design emanating a soft, warm glow that’s perfect for a bedside table.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser With Tortoiseshell Glass Cover

(Image credit: NEOM)

IMO, nothing can contribute more greatly to a relaxing pamper evening than a soothing aesthetic, and this diffuser definitely delivers. It’s the perfect balance of cosy and chic, timeless and on-trend (hello, mob wife aesthetic)—it’s a piece of homeware that you’ll cherish, display and use for years to come. 

At £105, it doesn't come cheap, but as someone who has bought and passed on a number of diffusers in my time thanks to their inferior design and quality, trust me when I say it’s the only diffuser you’ll ever need to buy again.

My top essential oil picks to pair with your diffuser:

Valeza Bakolli
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