Yes, your perfume is wearing off quicker right now—I can confirm these 8 perfumes hold up in the heat

You can rely on these scents to stick around

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With the weather finally heating up, it feels like summer is well and truly on its way for 2024. Which means, much like my wardrobe, it’s time to indulge in a little seasonal rotation of my favourite fragrances. More than a simple switch from deep and sultry winter perfumes to brighter and zestier summer scents, however, the fragrances that I reach for in warmer weather have more to do with their staying power than their specific notes. You see, perfumes just don’t stick around as well in hotter climates as they do in cooler ones. So if you’re jetting off somewhere balmy this summer, choosing a holiday perfume might prove all the more difficult.

“In warmer weather, the temperature ramps up the evaporation of the perfume's more volatile compounds, essentially causing the molecules to disperse into the air faster. We also tend to sweat more, resulting in less adherence of the perfume to the skin,” explains Stina Seger, Creative Director and Founder of Bibbi.

Not only does hot weather speed up the breakdown of fragrance molecules, but a holiday perfume will likely be layered on top of sun creams during the day and hydrating body lotions in the evening so the notes themselves have a lot to contend with. "I’d always recommend choosing a holiday perfume that compliments your skin to increase its longevity,” suggests Michael Rodriguez, Liberty Fragrance Concierge. “Also be careful with heavily scented SPF and body moisturisers to make sure they don’t conflict with the fragrance. I would let your SPF sit for at least 20 minutes before applying your fragrance lightly to your skin, and your clothes too.”

There are, however, a collection of fragrances which smell amazing and boast impressive longevity, and these are the scents that I wouldn’t hesitate to pack in my hand luggage for a few days basking in the sun. Ahead, the 8 best holiday perfumes that I know I can rely on in hot weather.

1. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum

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Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for dinners at dusk


Key notes: Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, amber wood

Inspired by the summers that Yves Couslant, one of Diptyque’s founders, spent in Vietnam’s beautiful Hạ Long Bay as a child, this expensive-smelling holiday perfume captures the anticipation of golden hour before sunset. It’s rich with tuberose, a spicy floral that envelopes you entirely and gives the perfume an exotic headiness, while a scattering of orange blossom and jasmine lends the perfume an almost soapy muskiness—like skin that’s just stepped out of the shower after a day spent in the sun. It’s my ultimate holiday perfume.

2. Bibbi Swimming Pool Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Bibbi Swimming Pool Eau de Parfum

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Bibbi Swimming Pool Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for refreshing the senses


Key notes: Nigerian ginger extract, egyptian basil, Chinese spearmint, Chinese eucalyptus, Egyptian geranium, ambroxan, wet grass, white woods

While aquatic scents are hugely popular in the summer, and make thematic sense for a holiday perfume, water-inspired fragrances have never been my thing so I wasn’t expecting to fall for a fragrance named Swimming Pool. This, however, is a sensorial revelation. Capturing the essence of diving headfirst into crystal clear waters and emerging renewed, it’s a vibrant scent that is utterly uplifting. Inspired by a natural swimming pool in the south of Italy that is believed to have healing powers, it captures the freshness of aromatic waters with sinus-clearing eucalyptus and spearmint. It’s not all splashy and light though, there’s a verdancy to this perfume that reflects the lushness of the earth that surrounds natural bodies of water, with herbaceous basil, dewy grass and geranium helping to anchor the scent and bolster its longevity.

3. Phlur Solar Power Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Phlur Solar Power Eau de Parfum

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Phlur Solar Power Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for sun-soaked beach days


Key notes: Italian red mandarin, sun-drenched bergamot, jasmine absolute, neroli, orange flower, driftwood, solar musk, sea salt

A modern interpretation of a classic holiday perfume, this bottles the spirit of sunshine season to deliver a mood-lifting blend of ripe citrus fruits, jasmine in full bloom, and a familiar sun cream sweetness. It’s undeniably joyful, yet doesn’t veer into saccharine territory. Instead, once that sticky mandarin has dried down, you’re left with a cashmere warmth from driftwood, musks and a scattering of sea salt that meshes with your own skin.

4. Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic Eau de Parfum

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Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for unexpected adventures


Key notes: Pear, mango, cypress resin, coconut cream, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, Spanish rockrose wildflower

The Loewe Paula’s Ibiza fragrances are always winners if you’re looking for a fun holiday perfume, but this latest iteration is the first eau de parfum in the lineup—perfect for bolstering longevity on the skin. This is bright, playful, and unapologetically loud, and I can’t help but feel emboldened when I spritz it on. Packed with fresh pear, ripe mango and sweetness from coconut cream and vanilla, you will truly smell good enough to eat when you wear this. It’s not all gourmand delights though, there’s a mesmerising undertone of cypress resin that propels you from cocktail-soaked dancefloor to forest floor where mellow sandalwood and warm amber add a wondrous warmth.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Joyphoria Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Charlotte Tilbury Joyphoria Eau de Parfum

(Image credit: Charlotte Tilbury)

Charlotte Tilbury Joyphoria Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for UK breaks


Key notes: Petitgrain oil, coconut water accord, neroli oil, tuberose absolut, jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, vanilla bean extract, cashmere wood, powdery musks

Hear me out—yes, this piece is focused on holiday perfumes that can hold their own in the height of summer (which this bottle of sunshine absolutely can) but what about those of us that aren’t jetsetting to the tropics for our summer vacation? Since having kids I tend to holiday in the UK and, let’s be honest, sweltering heat and blistering sun is a rarity for a getaway in Britain. And on a recent wet long weekend by the coast, it was this joy-inducing perfume from Charlotte Tilbury which delivered me a mood-boosting dose of sunshine in fragrance form. An instant dopamine hit, this uplifting blend of tropical coconut, joy-inducing neroli and sweetly comforting vanilla bean and cashmere is happiness in a bottle—delivering good vibes that last all day, even when the weather can’t.

6. Jusbox Carioca Heart Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Jusbox Carioca Heart Eau de Parfum

(Image credit: Jusbox)

Jusbox Carioca Heart Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for dancing the night away


Key notes: Lemon, pineapple, mango, peony, rhum absolute, sandalwood, vanilla, labdanum, operanide, ambroxan

Much like certain songs create a soundtrack to my favourite holidays, I love the idea of a certain perfume providing the scentscape for a special getaway—and Jusbox is the brand to do just that. All of their fragrances are inspired by music, and this one in particular bottles the carefree energy and high-octane spirit of dancing to jazz on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A fun and fruity cocktail, it’s drenched in the honeyed stickiness of mango, pineapple and sharp lemon, while a boozy undertone of vanilla and rum adds a sweet and spicy edge. It’s mouthwatering, vivacious, and lasts as long as my hangovers do after I’ve been drinking in the sun.

7. Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! Vibes of Freedom Eau de Parfum

Holiday perfumes Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! Vibes of Freedom Eau de Parfum

(Image credit: Zadig & Voltaire)

Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! Vibes of Freedom Eau de Parfum

Best holiday perfume for city breaks


Key notes: Peony, pear, jasmine, rose, chestnut cream

At the moment I don’t have any summer holidays booked, but this is the perfume that I can imagine myself wearing for adventures at home in London. When the temperatures are soaring and the smells and sounds of the city can get overwhelming, I want to gravitate towards skin scents but find that they often don’t stick around. Instead, this perfume from Zadig & Voltaire delivers on that same softness that I’m seeking, but with an abundance of staying power. It’s the kind of perfume I’d wear when meeting friends for brunch on an unexpectedly hot day—slipping into a linen mini dress and wandering through a flower market with a hazelnut iced latte. It’s fresh and floral, yet there’s a powderiness from rose and a warm sweetness from chestnut cream that gives it that skin-like element that I adore in the summer.

8. Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

holiday perfumes Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

(Image credit: NUXE)

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

Best holiday perfume for all-inclusive vibes on a budget


Key notes: Orange blossom, magnolia, vanilla

I’d defy anyone to smell this perfume and not immediately be transported to a white sandy beach with a mimosa in hand. It’s a classic holiday perfume in that it ticks all the boxes—creamy white florals, sweet vanilla and that quintessential hit of warm skin and sun cream—but I think it’s incredibly expensive-smelling, especially when you consider the price. If you’ve ever used Nuxe’s iconic Huile Prodigieuse dry oil then this is basically a dialled-up version of that scent. It’s decadent, intoxicating and I spray it in abundance every single summer.

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