Chanel is launching 'Boy de Chanel': a makeup range for men



Words by Rebecca Fearn

Chanel is launching a makeup range for men, which features a foundation, eyebrow pencil and lip balm.

The line, aptly named 'Boy de Chanel' was unveiled on fyi_beauty's Instagram: a page dedicated to sharing up-and-coming beauty news.

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South Korean actor Lee Dong-Wook is fronting the campaign for Boy de Chanel, which is expected to launch in Korea in November and globally from January 2019.

While many are thrilled Chanel is embracing inclusivity with this new line, others are confused as to why makeup needs to be gendered, asking why men and women cannot both use the same range.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, male beauty blogger Jake-Jamie shared his thoughts on the new collection:

"I think it's amazing that brands like Chanel are bringing makeup for men to the forefront of people's minds, however I personally prefer a genderless approach to makeup. I just wish we lived in a world whereby gender boxes didn't exist."

He continued:

"Why does it have to be a boy's eyebrow pencil? It's just an eyebrow pencil! Having said that, I do understand that not all men are as open about wearing makeup as perhaps I am, and this could give them the confidence to purchase makeup without feeling ashamed of doing so."

Jake-Jamie also told the publication he believed in an ideal world, "beauty brands would simply create a new product for all sexes and promote the launch via the use of both male and female models, in campaigns and at point of sale."

We like the sound of that!

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