Obsessed: The three beauty products our Beauty Editor needs you to know about in June

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    Each month I will be regaling you with tales of my three favourite products du jour. Or should that be du mois?  In my line of work, with product after product arriving at my door in the arms of impatient couriers, it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. Wallflowers need not apply; this list is reserved solely for the products that stop me in my tracks. Are you ready? Here we go…

    Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser, £120 | Feelunique

    I have recently had an offer accepted on a house. I am deliriously happy. Have you ever been house-hunting? It’s the absolute pits. Once you get over the excitement of snooping around other people’s houses, you realise just how time consuming and stressful it is. I couldn’t go another week. There are so many hoops and jumps still ahead of us before we get those keys, but I already have a Pinterest board for each room and have been bidding for furniture on eBay. One of the things that features heavily in my planning is home scent. I want luxury candles on every available surface, chic reed diffusers in the loos and then this: Aromatherapy Associate’s new Atomiser. Portable, waterless and I think you’ll agree incredibly smart. I’ll have Deep Relax in the bedroom, Revive in the kitchen and Breathe in the bathroom. It will look very nice on this bamboo-style side table that I’ve got my eye on…

    Uashmama Body Oil, €35 | Uashmama



    Uashama Body OilI’m not really a body oil type of gal. In my opinion, nothing beats a rich body butter. My skin drinks it up. But I was recently sent this from Tuscan lifestyle brand, Uashmama, and I cannot stop applying it. I use as soon as I jump out of the shower when my skin is still slightly damp, I keep it on my desk and apply it to my arms when I’m on Zoom calls and dab it into my cuticles after I’ve painted my nails. It’s made from Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is sourced from the brand’s own family farm and smells like bergamot. It’s my product of the summer.

    Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen SPF30, £19.99 | Boots

    Ask any of my friends which skincare product I recommend the most and they will all say an everyday facial SPF. I’m a self-confessed broken record and If I’m honest, I’m a little bored of saying it. But I won’t stop, until each and every person I know is protecting their skin on a daily basis. What makes things easier, is when I discover an SPF moisturiser or facial sunscreen that I know they will gladly use. You want something that has a nice texture, great formulation and doesn’t cost the same amount as a night at a hotel. This is that exactly that. Bliss, which has recently returned to the UK, has brought out one of the best facial sunscreens I’ve seen in a long time. So please, go and buy it so I can stop wanging on about it.

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