Backstage at LFW: Beauty Takes A Cue From You

Looks inspired by Londoners on the catwalks? You heard it here first...

Holly Fulton LFW

Looks inspired by Londoners on the catwalks? You heard it here first...

The mornings play host to a flurry of activity: exercise, breakfast, a hasty shower, perhaps a sneaky Berocca and a touch of make-up before hopping on the tube. It's a bit slapdash and seems a world away from the heady world of fashion. Or is it? While once upon upon a time women were expected to slavishly copy beauty trends shown biannually by the great couture houses, it seems that fashion has now decided to draw inspiration from we hurried, low-key Londoners.

Office to Bar: Henry Holland

Urban Warrior was the brief and models were accordingly made up under the watchful eye of Isamaya French for MAC with a haze of black eyeliner finished with many lashings of mascara. Sound high-octane? Not. At. All. The whole thing looked a bit hurried, decidedly unfussy and completely and utterly cool. Hair by Maria Kovacs for Catwalk by Tigi echoed the whole laid-back vibe and was sleek at the top with tousled lengths tucked into scarves (we’ve all been there).

Morning After the Night Before: Sibling

Ever woken up looking pasty with last night's sparkly nails still on and hair resembling a bush? Sibling salute you. In fact, they sent a bunch of models down the runway looking almost like you; make-up consisted of only a subtle contour with gloss tapped on cheekbones for definition, hair was of the punky, huge variety and nails were defiantly bright and coated in a thick bed of glitter. 

Commuter Chic: Holly Fulton

Andrew Gallimore for MAC at Holly Fulton similarly tapped into the whole dishevelled/time-strapped Londoner vibe by applying a slightly chalky pink to cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the lip to suggest a slightly flustered complexion (strictly without a hard line in sight - pat, pat and pat again to diffuse the colour). Hair was mostly tied half back by James Pecis for L’Oreal Paris, and a fringe applied for a ‘prim but improper’ finish. So far, so very London. Roll on day three… 

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