The 7 essential steps for prepping your body before you hit the beach this summer

From hair removal and exfoliation, to moisturising and tanning

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The sun is here! God, hasn’t it been a looooong winter?! But finally, after what feels like forever, we’re dusting off our sundresses and putting our tights into hibernation.

With the sun comes weekends spent picnicing in the park, BBQs for as many nights as you can stomach, and the prospect of a summer holiday.

The thing is, after nearly seven months in trousers, polonecks and coats our bods haven’t actually been exposed to the sun in ages. It’s time for the prep your body. Here is our roundup of the 7 essential steps for prepping your body before your hit the beach.


Body brushing is one of those things that you read about or hear people mention in passing, but is unlikely to be a regular in your current routine. However, we want to change that. Nothing helps with cellulite more than a spot of body brushing. Not only does it get rid of dead skin cells and smooth the skin, but more importantly it boosts circulation and stimulates the lympathic system, which in turn helps with the appearance of orange peel.


Your feet have been holed up in closed shoes for so long and unless you’re one of those fabulous people who gets a medi-pedi every month, your trotters might look a little worse for wear. Never fear though, for there’s such an invention called the exfoliating sock, which has transformed the way that we look after our feet. These little plastic socks contain an exfoliating liquid, which breaks down the dead skin cells on your feet. After wearing from an hour, the socks get to work. Over the next two weeks or so, the dead skin will start to peel off. Be warned, it’s not pretty, so it’s advised that you keep your socks on during this time. But once it’s all come off, your feet are as soft as a baby’s and ready for sandals.


Skin that’s been exposed to the cold, as well as high central heating temperatures, can get a bit scaly. We’ve all peeked down at our legs on occasion and thought how much they look like they’re covered in fish scales. You are not alone. Using a body scrub will help slough away these dead skin cells, as well as get the blood pumping and make skin look even.


Moisturising your body can be a pain in the arse. It takes too long and you have to stand there waiting for it to dry before putting your clothes on. However, it’s essential for skin health to have super hydrated skin all over. But things are about to get easier. Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Radiance Jelly is a revolutionary product that’s designed to be used in the shower. Did you know that when skin is wet it absorbs the ingredients it needs better? This jelly was created to be applied when skin is wet, just before you jump out of the shower, and it works to hydrate dull and uneven skin. You can then dry yourself with your towel and it won’t transfer, because it’s already absorbed.

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Whatever your chosen method, we totally and utterly do not judge you if it’s been months since you last shaved/waxed/epilated. It proves that you’re human. But with the sun well and truly here and hemlines going up, it might be time to consider defuzzing slightly.

6. TAN

Until you hit to the beach, you’ll have to fake it ’til you make it. There are so many incredible formulas and options now that it’s just getting easier to add a touch of colour to those places that need it. Whether you prefer instant colour, one that develops over time or rely heavily on the best spray tan in London, you’re not without choice.


It’s time to put away the dark maroons, blacks and greys; summer holidays call for bright nails. Super bright fuschia and turquoise are some of team MC’s favourites – they both make you look more tanned.

And there we have it, your comprehensive guide to prepping your body before your summer holiday.

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