Body brushing is the key to better skin texture – here’s why

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  • From buffing away dry skin to reducing the appearance of cellulite, here's why you should invest in a body brush, stat

    If there’s one thing you should be doing for better looking skin, it’s body brushing.

    The skincare trend has surged in popularity this year, probably owing to a recent BBC documentary (more on that later). So how does it work, exactly?

    Keep scrolling to find out why body brushing is the key to improved overall skin texture.

    Body brushing for cellulite

    While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having cellulite, a lot of us will admit that we’d be happy to see the back of it. So if you’ve frantically been Googling ‘how to get rid of cellulite‘ this whole time, allow us to step in.

    The Truth About Looking Good, which first aired in January, conducted a small five-week experiment with the University of Sunderland comparing the effects of body brushing, toning exercises and a caffeine-based cellulite cream on the appearance of women’s cellulite.

    Those in the body brushing group saw 26% improvement in appearance on average, more than 10% more than each of the other two methods, while one woman’s cellulite was 35% less visible.

    Although it’s likely that the fat was redistributed rather than got rid of, the proof was very much in the pudding (or pictures).

    What’s the best body brush?

    This is kind of a trick question, as there’s little differentiation between them: generally speaking, a body brush is a body brush. That said, it’s thought that those with natural cactus bristles are slightly superior. Aromatherapy Associates, Elemis and Hydrea all make great ones. Consider them an investment in yourself.

    Aromatherapy Associates, £25, Net-a-Porter

    body brushing

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    Benefits of body brushing

    As well as reducing the appearance of cellulite, using a body brush is a great way of keeping dry skin under control and will help to get rid of pesky ingrown hairs. Body brushing before you apply your best moisturiser will give those results an all-important boost, leaving you silky smooth.

    Using a dry brush on the regular is also known to boost your circulation and aid lymphatic drainage, which helps the body expel toxins and avoid fluid retention, leading to healthier looking skin overall.

    How to body brush

    The key to nailing body brushing is to use a circular motion as you brush to help buff away dead skin cells, stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourage cellulite to budge.

    Use the brush in clockwise circles all over the body and, if you’re looking to target cellulite, apply significant pressure but not so much that it’s painful.

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