What Does A Feminist Look Like? The Answer Might Surprise You

This awesome new campaign beautifully illustrates the fact that feminists come in all shapes and sizes

Like it or not, the idea of feminism still comes with loads of connotations and stereotypes. So it’s refreshing to see a visual campaign that illustrates what actual, real-life feminists look like.

These photographs from the McGill Law School’s Feminist Collective prove that feminists aren’t just white, liberal women who don’t wear makeup or want families.

A feminist is anyone who believes in equal rights and treatment for women – and as these beautiful images beautiful show, that can be a gay man, a woman taking her husband’s last name or anyone in between.

To see the full collection, go to their Tumblr page. And for even more inspiration, read the best quotes from our all-time favourite feminist, Gloria Steinem.

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