Would you buy your man a mengagement ring?

Suzannah Ramsdale

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An engagement ring for men hits the shops this weekend, as more women decide to pop the big question to their man.

Apparently times have changed and now it seems women are demanding equality, especially when it comes to wedding jewellery.

H. Samuel is the first UK retailer to push the mengagement ring trend as their titanium diamond band, the Tioro, goes on sale this weekend.

'Women are no longer waiting until the man pops the question,' explains Natasha Gregory, H. Samuel's Buying Controller.

'We are equals in the workplace, equals in our relationships and we make our own decisions. Over 60% of our customers think it’s a good idea for women to ask men to marry them – and many are currently sealing the deal with watches and other jewellery.

'The men’s engagement ring is a clear message to everyone that a man is going to be married and also works perfectly for civil partnerships.’

A romantic gesture or a tacky attempt to warn other women off your bloke, what do you think? Would you buy your man a mengagement ring? Leave your comments below...


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