Record number of women elected to the US Senate

Women will hold 20 seats in the Senate from January

A record number of women will now be serving in the 100-member US Senate following sweeping victories in Tuesday’s election, which look set to challenge the traditionally male dominated spheres.

In the wake of the results, the new legislative session, which starts in January, will see women hold 20 seats in the Senate.

The outcome of the votes was as a result of ‘a real awakening among women about what was happening in the Republican Party,’ says Patty Murray – a long-time Democratic senator who was also elected as governor on Tuesday.

‘Women want to make sure that government is working for them,’ continues Murray, suggesting that although women, like men, voted on economic policy, other issues such as jobs, the economy and critical issues that women face were also high on the agenda.

The women’s vote was also decisive in Obama’s victory, with the Centre for American Women and Politics (CAWP) estimating that 55 per cent of women had cast their ballots in his favour.


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