Japanese female footballers fly economy while male team goes business class

The female Olympic hopefuls were in economy class but the men's team had an upgrade

Japan’s female football team were miffed after they flew economy class to the Olympics while their male counterparts lived it up in business.

The World Cup champions, who are potential gold-medallists, are unhappy about the fact the nation’s under-23 men’s team, who are competition outsiders, sat in the plush area at the front of the plane.

Homare Sawa, 33, player in the squad, told Japanese media that it ‘should have been the other way around’ adding ‘even just in terms of age, we are senior’.

Sawa, who will be taking part in her fourth Olympics, said a strong performance in London might boost the chances of an upgrade on the way home.

‘When we won the World Cup, our seats were changed to business class for our return flight, she says. ‘I hope we can produce a good result again and be treated the same way.’


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