Girl, 4, found in car with bodies of her family

Family gunned down while on camping holiday in France

A four-year-old girl was found alive after hiding under bodies believed to be those of her mother, father and grandmother who had been shot dead while in their car.

The victims were in a British registered BMW in the French Alps next to Lake Annecy where they had been holidaying in a nearby campsite. The young girl is believed to have hidden underneath her mother’s legs

Her older sister who at first was suspected dead has now been taken into intensive care, with a fractured skull.

Another victim of the attack was a male cyclist, a local father of three, who apparently disturbed the incident and whose body was found close to the car.

60 police officers have now been drafted in to investigate the attack and autopsies are currently underway in a desperate attempt to unravel the meaning behind this massacre.


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