Lindsay Lohan's attack on Sarah Palin

Marie Claire celebrity photos: Lindsay Lohan on catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to speak out against Sarah Palin, calling her 'a narrow-minded, media-obsessed homophobe.'

In a rant on her MySpace page, the actress urged voters to back Barack Obama, as she launched into a scathing attack on the Republican vice-presidential candidate.  

Speaking out on Palin's beliefs, Lohan wrote, 'I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin. I couldn't be more supportive of a woman in office, but let's face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.'

Rumoured to be in a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, Lohan expressed particular distaste for Palin's homophobic tendencies, 'Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?

Women have come a long way in the fight to have the choice over what we do with our bodies... And it's frightening to see that a woman in 2008 would negate all that.'

Ending the online post, she added, 'Is our country so divided that the Republicans' best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?' Oh, and... Hint Hint Pali Pal - Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!'

Lohan is the latest in a line of celebrities to speak out on Palin, with Pamela Anderson and Matt Damon recently sounding off on the Republican.



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