Louis Vuitton wins Britney lawsuit

Louis Vuitton wins lawsuit to have Britney Spears' video banned

LUXURY BRAND LOUIS VUITTON has won a lawsuit against Britney Spears. The French design house took legal action claiming that a counterfeit Louis Vuitton print was used to upholster a car for Britney’s Do Something video, a violation of counterfeiting laws.

The court case took place in Paris last week and has resulted in both Sony BMG and MTV Online each being fined $117,000, and the video being banned. Although Britney personally was not found guilty, her record label were ruled to have emphasized the Louis Vuitton brand without authorisation.

The court ruled that the video was an ‘attack’ on Vuitton’s luxury image, and as a result, it has already been removed from a number of websites and can no longer be played on European TV stations.

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