The gender pay gap in the White House is worse than the US average


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Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Despite various studies telling us that this is what we should earn at each age, the gender pay gap is still an ongoing issue for women across the globe. And it seems that, depressingly, it stretches itself across every industry. Even Hollywood actresses aren't able to escape it - only recently, it was revealed that Gal Gadot got paid phenomenally less than her male co-stars for Wonder Woman.

But according to a new analysis by CNN, the current gender pay gap at the White House is worse than the US average.

The news outlet found that women working as part of Donald Trump's administration are being paid an average of 80 cents to every dollar that their male counterparts earn. The US Labour Department claims that the national is currently 82 cents to the dollar, leaving the women in the White House short.

And when you translate this into a full salary, the imbalance is much more apparent. The White House's annual report to Congress showed that the average male worker receives a salary of $104,000, whereas female workers take home $83,000.

Although the gender split is fairly even under Trump, with women accounting for 47% of regular employees, the data suggests that the imbalance stems from the fact that women in the White House tend to hold lower-ranking positions. The CNN report claims that the top rate for White House employees is $179,700 (£140,000), and although twenty two people are receiving this salary only six are women, meaning that in order for the gender pay gap to be addressed more women need to be placed in higher-ranking positions.

Trump's daughter, Ivanka - who works as Assistant to the President - spoke out on Twitter earlier this year, saying: 'Equal Pay Day is a reminder that women deserve equal pay for equal work. We must work to close the gender pay gap!'

The White House could be a good place to start...

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