Jennifer’s man gets TV show

John Mayer has television show in the works

John Mayer, better known as Jennifer Aniston’s on-off boyfriend, is set to get his very own TV show.

The singer will first film a pilot of his variety/sketch show and once that is out of the way it could lead to a whole series, according to CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler.

‘We’re pretty close to doing our deal. It’s being developed now. We’re just going to shoot the pilot… and make the decision with that. It was his idea, he loves it and he’s a really funny guy. He’s really smart,’ says the CBS heavyweight.

Mayer’s previous TV venture didn’t quite have the success he had hoped for – only one episode of John Mayer has a TV Show was aired on VH1 in 2004 – so he’d better give this one all he’s got. 

Still, we hope it goes well, if only so we can get to know Jen’s man a bit better. 


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