Did Paris Hilton Tweet pic of cocaine bag she claimed wasn’t hers?

The heiress's boasting on Twitter has returned to haunt her....

Looks like Paris Hilton’s penchant for Tweeting could have landed her in some serious trouble…
When the heiress was arrested for possession of cocaine last weekend, she claimed that the bag in which the police found the drug was not hers, and she’d borrowed it from a friend, unaware of its illegal contents.
But it looks like she might have been caught out by her own photographic evidence.
It has emerged that Ms Hilton Tweeted a photo of a Chanel bag just a month ago, bragging ‘Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today. :)’

Paris Hilton Twitter photo - Chanel bag
She was photographed just prior to the arrest with a bag that looked suspiciously similar to said Chanel purse.
We wonder how she’ll try and worm her way out of this one… 


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