Britney’s parenting questioned by child services

Los Angeles' Department of Children and Family Services admit grave concern for Britney's children

The Los Angeles’ Department of Children and Family Services has admitted having grave concern for Britney Spears’ children.

In a legal document leaked to the press, it states: ‘Based on its investigation to date, it should be noted that DCFS has concerns of its own regarding the safety and welfare of the children if the children are left in the mother’s care.’

The comments make up just a very small portion of more than 300 pages of documentation, which Judge Scott Gordon released as part of the ongoing Federline/Spears custody battle.

Britney’s lawyers certainly won’t be happy they’ve fallen into the wrong hands after asking Gordon to keep all information regarding the case private ‘in order to minimise the chance that unscrupulous journalists will gain unwelcome access’ to Britney.

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