The best luxury candles to make your home smell incredible

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Because candles are the perfect buy for just about anyone

There’s no doubt about it: Luxury candles are the ultimate interior accessory, whether you want to add ambiance to your living room or have a relaxing candlelit bath, they’re our go to for transforming our home in literally seconds (who knew some candle light and neroli could do so much?).

With so many different fragrances out there, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who wouldn’t love to unwrap a scented candle (FYI, we’ll never judge a spot of self-gifting), just don’t forget to tell them about this genius candle hack, as it turns out that burning them the wrong way can completely diminish the life span of your new flickering friend. Sad times.

For the perfect long-lasting scent, we love Jo Malone’s classic Pomegranate Noir candle. The rich red fruits of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are just the right amount of sweetness, combined with spicy woods and pink pepper for a glorious candle. Yes, this is sometimes more associated with a warming winter scent, but come rain or shine, winter fires or summer barbecues, we are 365 days a year candle advocates.

Diptyque are one of the best when it comes to scented candles, and their Eucalyptus candle is a firm favourite of ours. As well as the reviving and soothing scent of Eucalyptus oil and camphor, there’s a subtle hint of spices, meaning that its punchy scent can completely transform the scent of your room in next to no time.

We’ve rounded up all of our current favourites, so whether you prefer the light scents of wild jasmine or the rich aromas of neroli and spices, you’re sure to find a scented candle that suits anyone and everyone – including yourself. Because hey, a candle is an interior necessity and yes, if anyone asks, you DO need another one…

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