Slimming drug linked to depression

New study shows slimming drugs increase risk of depression

A SLIMMING DRUG prescribed to thousands of Britons has been shown to increase the risk of psycological problems by up to 40%. The new study by Danish researchers looked at the effects of the appetite suppressant Rimonabant, a drug prescribed to the overweight on the NHS.

The study followed 4,105 people, some of which took Rimonabant daily while others took a placebo. The drug was shown to be effective in terms of weight loss, with patients losing an average of 10lbs more than those taking a placebo, but an increase in psychological problems was clearly apparent.

The group taking Rimonabant were more than twice as likely to stop taking the drug due to problems with depression, and three times more likely to suffer with anxiety.

The research follows a similar study in America, where it was found that 25% of patients taking Rimonabant suffered from depression, in comparison to just 14% taking a placebo.

Experts warned that the study ‘raises major questions about the safety of rimonabant in obese people.’

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