New DNA diet that could help you shed pounds

A custom-made diet based on a person’s DNA has gone on sale today

A breakthrough diet adapted to every person’s own DNA has gone on sale for £99.

The tailor-made Nordiska diet requires each person to send a DNA swab from his or her mouth to a laboratory for analysis. Experts then determine whether you should follow a diet low in fat; low in carbohydrate; low glycaemic; or healthy balanced.

The intensity of recommended work-out level is also decided.

‘Each of us has a unique genetic fingerprint affecting our responses to diet and exercise,’ says Dr Carolyn Horrocks, founder of myGenomics. ‘The Nordiska DNA Diet unlocks your true potential to lose weight by providing a genetic roadmap to weight loss,’

Thought to be the first of its kind available in the UK, The Nordiska Diet is sold online at £99 for the gene test, and £159 for the package including three months of follow-up advice from dietitians.


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